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When it comes to finding an alpaca farm that has the quality you need to succeed and develop your own champion breeding program, Alpaca Elite is the gold standard.

The Alpaca Elite Certified MemberTM emblem is a prized mark of distinction based on Champion show awards.

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Alpaca Elite Certified MembersTM are alpaca breeders who have developed excellence in their breeding programs through their champion bloodlines and show accomplishments.

If you are interested in becoming an Alpaca Elite member but are not ready to participate at this time, we encourage you to check out our parent site Openherd is the largest community of alpaca breeders in North America and offers free membership and the same great sales and marketing tools as Alpaca Elite to help your breeding program get results and succeed.
Alpaca Ventures
Quality Breeds Success
Sidman, PA

Santa's Alpaca Farm
Making the FIBER work for your Farm
Mars, PA

Silver Rose Ranch Alpacas
Come Experience the Joy, the Excitement,
the Wonder of Alpacas...
Meford, OR

SuperSuris Alpacas
Specializing in Production Family Lines to create Royal Fiber!
Mead, WA